Auburn vs LSU
Game Time:  Saturday 10/14   2:30 on CBS

A tale of two Tigers, round three!    Auburn lost to Clemson earlier in a close game (point wise) .  But is was one of the ugliest offensive performances I have ever seen.  If I remember correctly Auburn gave up 11 sacks and their offensive statics were, well, terrible.They fared  better against Missouri in what amounted to a mauling against a Missouri team that is struggling.  But a victory is a victory

For round 3 center stage is Baton Rouge in an environment that has not been hospitable to visiting teams in a very long time.  Why should Saturday be any different??  

Auburn has steadily improved and is currently ranked #10 in the country.  At the beginning of the season I would have circled this date and these teams a a slobber knocker of a game and one worthy of watching.  Not so sure about that now.  LSU has been inconsistent.  At least that is one word that comes to mind.  Uninspired?  Unmotivated?   Looking at their schedule they have won some of the games they should have won though not by the margins you would expect.  I watched the Syracuse game and in my opinion they were lucky to win that one.  This was a game that, on paper, they were supposed to win going away.  But games aren't played on paper and the Tigers came closer that they wanted in finding that out.  Let an underdog hang around long enough and bad things happen.  Anyone remember Michigan and Appalachian State??   They there was the Troy debacle.  Coach "O" will be a long time living that one down

One set of Tigers is going to be happy Saturday afternoon.  but it ain't gonna be the host.  Auburn by 17