Auctioneer 8.3 - A new Auctioneer

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I've just finished the fourth beta version of Auctioneer for WoW 8.3 (Visions of N'Zoth). With the new version of WoW, the Auction House API has drastically changed.

While the current version of Auctioneer could have been hacked up to work with it, it was originally written many years ago and there have since been many improvements to World of Warcraft, the new Auction House not withstanding.

I felt that forcing the new changes into the existing Auctioneer would have led to many issues, and that starting from scratch was the way to go.

So I have committed myself to rewriting a new Auctioneer for 8.3 and completing the basic functionality first.

If there's significant demand for additional features, then I'll be adding them after the basic functionality is completed, so let me know what you'd like to see added, I'll rely on your feedback to let me know what to add next.

The new Auctioneer being built from the ground up only currently has minimal functionality that includes the ability to scan all items from any browsing you perform at the auction house.

To activate the scanning functionality you just click the regular search button on the main browse page, and you'll see a progress appear at the top of the Auction House window to let you know it's doing something.

Once the scanning is completed, you'll start to see auction statistics when you mouse-over an item. If you hold down shift, it'll show you even more details.

When you list an auction for sale on the AH, you'll also get a side window that shows you the pertinent details of your item. More functionality is planned for this side window as things develop.

Once you have been scanning for a while, if Auctioneer starts to notice good deals become available, you may see the deal finder pop up after a scan.

You can click an item in the panel on the right to perform a search for that item.


  • Scanning engine which collects items from the browse page as you search.
  • Historical minimum price statistics engine that supports recent stats weighting and percentile based queries
  • Tooltip display for seen auction items in bags, inventory, auction browse, search and post.
  • Side panel that shows detected deals after a scan.
  • Side panel that shows basic information when posting an auction.

Working on

  • Implementing the most requested/hated feature: Undercut
  • Implementing some activity tracking: Last listed price / Last sold price [Patron first]
  • Fixing deal finder poping up while on sell page.

Coming up next

This is the list of things I plan on working on / completing over the coming week:

  • Implementing a spark graph of prices in Valuer.
  • Add regional (cross-realm) pricing to Valuer.

Upcoming features

So this list is more nebulous, it's a list of features I would like to add, and requested functionality, in no particular order.

I'm not 100% sure if/when this backlog will get done, it's just here to let you know I'm thinking about it:

  • Search page scanning (keeping track of items you view, gathering more stats, level prices for pets etc)
  • Item grouping (see prices for other items that have the same prefix, appearance, abilities, etc)
  • Scam detection. Finding items that have unrealistic prices, where the market is being overly manipulated by a bad actor/actors. Not 100% sure how this is supposed to work yet. Perhaps checking against cross region prices?
  • Rolling up historical data from hourly scans to longer-term daily summaries in OverTime.
  • Potentially improving storage efficiency in OverTime?
  • Implementing a more basic stats module for those who don't like the memory usage of keeping all the scan data points.
  • Setting a fixed price for items you want to manually manage yourself.
  • Showing (highlighting) your posted items that have been undercut.
  • Auction item filtering by extra properties.
  • Other stuff I've forgotten.


You can download the beta 4 version of Auctioneer here:

Auctioneer 8.3 beta 4 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post