Audio Equipment
Ok so I just spent the last hour or two and a few hours last night looking at microphones and boom arms.

I am currently thinking I will go with the Blue Yeti microphone.

Currently I am not sure for the boom arm but I am leaning toward the RODE PSA1. Though I also read up on a Neewer boom arm but from what I was reading it seems like it is not the most suitable arm for use with a Blue Yeti.

I also looked at pop filters and I think this Dragonpad one will work well enough for me.

I also figure I will go with the Blue Microphones RADIUS II for a shock mount.

I have already calculated how much this would cost me to get and it adds up to $261.55usd, using current Amazon pricing. Which to be honest is not the kind of money I would like to spend without some guarantee that I will get a decent return on investment.

That is were you all come in. I have at the time of this post 436 subscribers. Even if only ~100 of you pledge $1 a month I would be willing to go ahead and buy all this equipment since I would get most of my investment back in 2 months with a full one, with some extra left over that I could use to buy games/software for the channel, in 3 months.

I do plan to get this stuff eventually anyway but if I do it on only the money I get from Youtube it would take two years and some odd months to get a return on investment as it stands with the current amount of money I get via Youtube, which is only about $100usd a year, which makes it hard for me to be willing to spend large sums of money for Youtube (especially when the item, like the microphone, boom arm, etc. would not benefit me outside of Youtube).