Audition News and Updates!
So yesterday ended up being an errand day, but were starting early today so I can start my stream, although it may end up being 11 heads up.

I had a bit of a scare yesterday when it seemed like my application never made it to Annapolis, but they got it by the end of the day! Although it's looking like they more are looking towards local players because they provide ZERO compensation for travel and board, so it may not be worth it anymore. However, still debating taking the audition anyways just for experience. But on the good news front, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic is looking better and better! Given that that looks better, I'm going to start prioritizing that list over Annapolis in practice.

I was finally able to get a lesson with my teacher (he's hard to reach). Which is a relief because there are several parts of the CSP list that  I didnt have. Looking forward to reconnecting and getting the rest of that list!

Anyways, happy tuesday! I should hopefully be on between 10 and 11 CST today and looking forward to grinding on the CSP list.

All the best!

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