AUG 2016 Character Jam: Princess Peach
See the full image here.  Sadly there is no video with commentary this month since my mic didn't pick up my voice. :(

The chosen character for the Favorite Video Game Character theme was Vanessa's suggestion of Princess Peach!  I couldn't resist drawing such an iconic princess.  I might just have to bring this one to final when I get the time, as I had much fun with the concept of a plate mail Peach!

For suggesting the most inspiring idea, Vanessa gets to keep the art for any non-profit purpose she desires (drop me a line if you'd like the files).

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone!  Stay tuned for next months' theme coming soon.

Next Character Jam Milestone:

If I can reach $200 in pledges, these monthly sketches will level up into fully painted pieces with simple backgrounds.  So help spread the word if you like these Character Jams and want a chance at even more detailed art!

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