Aug. 2017 rewards out + It's been a year! + Sept. plans
I just finished sending out all the rewards. All the pledges went through really smoothly this month! Thanks again so much!

If you didn't know, I'm just about a year into this Patreon of mine. In a week or so, it will have been twelve months since I resolved to launch and make it work one day. I'm glad to say it really has grown since then, accumulating a relatively good number of patrons, counting both people I know and people I've only come to know, as well as bringing in more or less twice the income as I started with. It's really great!

Of course, a year isn't really that long in the grand scheme of things... there are still things I want to do. I want to release a wider variety of media as rewards, or just to show you. I want to get a website running both as a portfolio and a place to host the web comic (once it's done). And as always, I want to keep discovering new things and new ways to draw, and I hope you'll enjoy coming along for the ride while I try to make this all happen.

Thank you always!


P.S. Regarding this month's drawings, I don't have too much pre-planned this time. There's one particular yuri drawing I wanted to make, which I hope you'll like. But I guess we'll see what's in store when we get there. And send in those commission requests while you're at it!