August '15 News #2
Hello again! I've got some more news for everyone!

Frigid + Friends Progress

So with the release of the animatic, it's apparent that the video won't be released this month, but with the change in conditions that won't affect any of you because we're supporting per video now! As far as actual progress, I'm still waiting for a few voice actresses to send their lines in. I've got Rina-chan (Twilight Sparkle), Darlingadelaide (Pinkie Pie), Nowacking (Vinyl Scratch), and Mochaspar (Frigid Drift) returning for voices in this one, I can't wait to show you! Backgrounds and musical scores are being made in the meantime. I'm doing a lot of experimentation with 3D parallax backgrounds, so this video will be a bit more interesting to look at hopefully. Pony puppets are still unfinished, meaning Cameo Tier members will have to wait a bit longer to see those turnabouts. Technical issues and all.

As far as the style of animation, I'm going to try a simpler style with more of last year's Ice Bucket Challenge animation style. It's a bit choppier than Desserted Island, but I feel like it has more life. We'll see how it goes as it comes closer to completion!

Also for Cameo Tier, this video will have multiple spots open! I'll be using the characters who didn't get as much of a spotlight in previous videos to even up the screen time per character.

Icon Credit Tier Update

Just a small update, but I've added a bonus feature to this tier: colored Stream Tier sketches! If you enjoyed last month's stream like I did, Icon Credit members will definitely enjoy next month's with this little perk! The conditions are as follows: You must have "Good" Patreon rating (any amount), and no backgrounds. Normal request rules apply like 2 character max and must provide reference. OCs, video game characters, anime, or anything else accepted! (No NSFW or profanity)