August 18th Maintenance Spoiler & Gold Rush Translation
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-Sacred Crystal Login Present (18th~24th; 7 Total)

-Story Mission & Daily Mission Drop 1.5x; AW Orb Drop 2x

+Sat/Sun All Daily Missions Unlocked (August 19th & August 20th).

*Golden Armour, Spirit Rescue, Magic Crystal Guardian, Rubbish from the Sky, Drink Party for Men Only.

■▲■ Gold Rush Translations ■▲■

Seeing Commanders get a -2 cost perk makes me wish I got Jerome instead of Zenobia from my Plat Ticket. Liselotte, Aria, and Zenobia are all Warriors, and I didn't raise Katie (though I could have Gold Phyllis at 10 cost, but Katie sounds like she would be better at 8 cost).