August 18th news
Hi! Just a little resume of this last weeks and some images for you.

This drawing is a reward for one of my patrons who is asking me to draw the seven deathly sins. I already drew 5 and you can see some of them in my Instagram. This time I illustrated the Sloth, and that's a kind of self portrait of myself.

The last week I shared with my patrons the Devian and Dyane wallpaper with a step-by-step PSD file.

I shared a video tutorial drawing one pannel of my webcomic in wich I used the perspective ruler and drew a background. Though that's a private video, by now you can follow my youtube channel that will be growing up with the time and your help.

Also, I'm asking to my patrons in my weekly freetalk some important facts about the contents in my webcomic. You can take part joining the second reward.

You're invited to suggest any theme you want to see in this patreon and join the team everytime you want. You can also follow me in Patreon to be updated of any news.

Thanks for reading!