August 2015 Patreon Rewards!
The full rundown for this month!

Just as a quick reminder: Patreon processes pledges at the beginning of the month -after- you placed your pledge. So, if you pledged during the month of August, your pledges won't actually be processed until the first few days of September. After pledges have processed, I'll send you links to each of the files containing your loot for the month!

  • $2.50 - Learn by Observing
  • You folks will be getting the step-by-step JPGs and high resolution final PNGs for: Brothers, and the Tribute.
    (Those are the images that were shown in the previews so far this month.)
  • $3.00 - Learn by Reading
  • You folks will receive the monstrously huge Storytelling Color Wheel! (That inset is still only 25% of the full size.)
  • $5.00 - The Basic Tutorial Bundle
  • You folks will receive ALL of the above!  (Sorry guys, no extras this month, the color wheel consumed my life!!)
  • $12.00 and Above
  • I STILL need to think up something special for you, because your rewards are not unlocked yet! (EEEK!!!!!!!) Thank you guys SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH for your wonderful support this month!!!!!!!!

Thank you oodles and oodles for your support, you guys!!!  Even though this was a crazy month, between the big color wheel and so much I had going on, I still learned so much and I hope that this will help you, too!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!  Onward to storytelling!

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