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My eternal gratitude, and the reward of knowing that you, my dear fan, gave me some money that I'll most likely spend on Chinese delivery.
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For ten dollars, I will be strongly inclined to do something for you. A reasonably sized translation, a defense of your erroneous reading of an anime, selfies, stuff. Please feed me.
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I mentioned that I do writing on the side. If you really, really want to—and I mean, you really, really want to—I'll let you read the stuff I write. Otherwise, just do this tier and tell me you don't want to read my stuff. I won't be hurt! I swear!
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For this amount, I guarantee to write something you want me to write. Whether that's Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica as an attack on the concept of the auteur, or Revolutionary Girl Utena as an allegory for WIXOSS, the options are endless. 
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At this stage, you'll find that the myriad secrets of the universe and its many inhabitants come showering down upon you in kaleidoscopic and protean mindfall. You will be rewarded with one piece of my infinite knowledge. Disclaimer: This may or may not be true.
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You greedy, greedy fellow. What more could you want than the universe? Power? Very well. You shall have power; you shall be called to my right hand.
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After popular demand for this tier, SeHNNG Inc. is proud to announce that we will be incorporating this into our reward structure. At this tier, I will come and visit you, personally, for three days each month that you pay me. We can be good friends, I will whisper into your ears sweet nothings, and there will be much joy to be had. 
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