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Thank you so much for becoming a Patron Hero and supporting what I do here. As thanks, you'll receive access to the 'Patron Hero' tag in our discord, as well as access to our sekrit chat (and all our sekrit club meetings inside!), as well as early access to all Scripted Content on the channel!
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Easy there buddy, you're donating more than the worth of my own shoes! Not only do you get access to all previous rewards, but you'll also get a credit at the end of our videos, as well as your name in our livestreams! 
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Alright, now we're talking business! Not only will you get rewards for ALL the previous tiers, but you'll be shouted out BY ME at the end of every video (excluding Podcasts). That not enough for you? You'll also receive a super special colour for your end-card shoutout and Discord presence.

Oh, you want more? DONE. You. Me. 30 minute Skype call once a month. Any topic you'd like, we can chat about. Welcome to the biz.
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DANCE BATTLE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE (on Social Media only tho plz).

I guess you get everything else too. I guess.
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