August 2017 Patreon commissions are now out!
Hello, friends! I've got a huge batch of videos now ready for watching and downloading, so I hope you've got free time this weekend, because THERE IS SO MUCH. 

As is always the case, anyone is allowed to download these, regardless of Patreon usage or not, and you can all discuss these episodes/chapters below, as long as you follow the normal Mark Does Stuff rules for commenting. (No spoilers outside of rot13!) Here's what I've got for you this month:

Mark Reads

The Spirit Thief: Chapter 13
The Hero & The Crown: Chapters 5/6
"Something in the Rain" by Seanan McGuire 

Mark Watches

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x16
Arrow 1x21
Batman: The Animated Series 4x02 ("Sins of the Father")
Broadchurch 3x03
Due South 1x12
The Pretender 1x22
Izetta: The Last Witch 1x06
Kemono Friends 1x06
Killjoys 3x03 & 3x04
Mushi-shi 1x09
3% 1x07 

Thanks to all 15 of my incredible top-level Patrons for your support this month. WE SHALL ALL REAP THE BENEFITS OF YOUR CHOICES. Enjoy, friends!