August Announcements
I'm trying to plan times we can live chat for those of you who pledge at $4+. I'd also like to know what people think of the care packages they receive at the $32+ level and if there is anything I can do to make Patreon and Sexplanations better experiences for you all. 

This week we recorded a bondage episode (which is me in the intergalactic princess dress with green man in the background above). That should be coming out Wednesday though it will be a very busy week for Matt (the videographer) so....? Wednesday he's out at Animal Wonders recording in the morning and then he's going to meet me at a farm that afternoon to sexplain how goats are related to cock rings.

I'm working on the episode that the $8+ patrons voted on too: most and least sexual cultures in the world. The studies of these cultures are very outdated and it's been my dream to visit both of them to update the information that is printed year after year in human sexuality textbooks. So, I'm thinking about doing an Indiegogo or Kickstarter to fund a research trip and attaching info in the video. Thoughts?

I really want to inform sexpla(i)nauts about the world but I also really want to get Sexplanations out to the world. I see how large Laci Green's audience is and it makes me so happy to know there is interest in sex education. Now if only we could add Sexplanations to their curriculum! Please share us ;o) Based on this video: it shouldn't take that much work.

Other updates? I just got shampoo that smells like green apples, I'm excited to go out to dinner with Nick tomorrow night, I made a pretty drawing for Hannah Witton's book, Matt's birthday is coming up soon, this weekend I'll be in Seattle for Bumbershoot, SEATTLEWASHINGTON, my daughter just started high school, my dog dug a hole in the wall, Adam&Eve want to sponsor an episode of Sexplanations (which I have mixed feelings about), and well, August has been an all around lovely month. 

I shall sleep now and dream of getting pedicures with Hannah Hart and Hank Green.