August 7 Update
Life and grief continue. Often I feel like working and when I do, it feels healthy. One thing I don't feel like doing is writing an update, so here is something I had written before as a backup post. I still stand by the sentiments.


A few months back I got an email from Patreon entitled "Your patrons have spoken!" claiming to be the result of a survey they'd sent to my backers. I have no idea how many of you actually participated, but I kept the results logged:

"We asked your patrons which question they’d like you to answer most. Here’s what they said:
What are you looking forward to?   34%
Can you share a sneak peek of something new?   30%
What’s something you really care about?   17%"

Apologies to the 19% of people who apparently voted for something else, but they didn't give me the other questions. Anyway, I plan to answer the top three here.

What are you looking forward to?

In the short term? Getting into the basic pattern of chapter three for TLS. The first two chapters each had a core theme and feel, and the third chapter is no exception. You'll be going to and from Yhilin, managing it as you advance the plot in broader ways. So far there's been plenty of setup, but as much as I like that content, it's even more fun to build on that foundation. 

In the slightly longer term? Getting version 2.0 of Ouroboros finished and in stores. It was fun to work on, and will be more fun when I work on the next step of content, but I'll be happy to get it released commercially. It's nice to be able to have a project completely done and sealed, so to speak.

In the long term? Completing TLS. As much as I enjoy working on the project, I've tried to make clear that I have a clear vision I hope to build from start to finish. Obviously I'm not perfect, but I hope that when everything is finally completed, the balance of the plot, characters, and gameplay will all hang together in a satisfying way that everyone can see for themselves.

Can you share a sneak peek of something new?

Work on Ouroboros 2.0 continues, at least on the art side. As promised, the upgraded version will let you play around with the cycle a little more than the first one did. See the image attached to this post for a preview of one of the new scenes - let's just say that you'll have more options with the Vizier. It won't all be Atreyan stuff, either, there will be chances for the other characters to take more central roles.

What’s something you really care about?

Creative expression. Since I was very young, doodling ideas on papers, this has been what I wanted to do with my life. For a long time during school I didn't think about it seriously, since I thought it wasn't possible to build a career on the creative arts. Yet I kept creating things, because that drive is very close to the core of my being.

Sometimes I still can't believe things have worked out this way. I look forward to bringing my biggest plans to completion while sharing many of the other ideas I have with you all. ^-^