Comic Cons

Sorry I missed last month blog, it was the start of Con season and I got swept up! I attended MCM MCR and did rather well there, which was awesome!!! the rest of the year stacks out like this. Hopefully you can make them:

Fumettopolis Comic Convention 16 - 18 Sept ITALY 

Thought Bubble Leeds - 5 - 6 November 

Patreon Revamp

Ok! first of all welcome new pledgers!  And thank you all Patrons for your support! We've so close to the first goal to make every month a Patreon Raffle month!!

In the meantime I'm revamping the rewards system again :D I added the $3 tier for batch updates and I'll be looking add new and better rewards for tier $5 and $10! You can already see in the reward list some changes I've made and their will be more to come! Also, I'll be continuing to improve $1 tier also with more quality and value content! And ...

Patreon Raffle!

Yes, everyone who's pledged will be entered into this weekends raffle for a pretty hand-sketch of Teb made with lovely Copic markers!

Patreon only dealo to reward everyone for their support!

So thats a lot of stuff for this month! and plenty more to come! I have lots of work still left to do and the jobs are stacking up, such as:

  • Finish building the storefront!
  • Develop new prints for cons and the store 
  • New design the website, getting paid hosting by raising money  
  • Revamp patreon reward system
  • Write chapter 4 out and thumbnail
  • AND plan for a kickstarter early next year (fingerscrossed)

...I'm a busy lady.

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