August Check-In!
So, uhhhh, this hasn't been the most productive month at all. I've had a fair amount of problems with my desktop and have had to get more fans for it since everything is running hot. I also don't have access to Adobe InDesign anymore so I'm learning Scribus instead. So here's a check-in of what I've gotten done with about a week left to go in the month.
  • I've started compiling my hacks for V20 into a document as well as detailing ones I had ideas for but never had to implement. So far, I have the combat and merits/flaws/experience hacks detailed. I still need the hunting hack then I'll look over the book and see if there's anything else that needs some hacking. DONE! Go take a look at the post!
  • The GM's Tarot Guide is a bit halted because I realized that the spreads I'd made for organization generation are actually better suited for starting a campaign. Looking over my notes, that's actually what I was considering when I chose them. Whoops? So now I've got some rethinking to do. Nearly done! I've got the NPC PWYW guide all written up and formatted. All that's left now is doing and photographing examples and getting them into the PDF. Then it'll be up here followed by DriveThruRPG.
  • My freelance sadly got halted as I was hitting a groove because, you guessed it, computer issues made me worry about things running too hot and losing my progress. But the last piece I need should be in today so I should be back on track soon. This is going well! I've got one character down and two more to go. It's not super under NDA as far as my art goes so updates will eventually happen on twitter and tumblr soon.
  • My new plan/to do list is to finish is:  get a free PDF together on using the Tarot for making NPCs and get it published and up here; finish reading Godbound, finish this round of freelance work.