August Game Giveaway!
This month, we’ll be giving away Avalanche at Yeti Mountain by Green Couch Games to one Patreon lucky backer! To enter for your chance at a copy, consider becoming a Patron of the Cardboard Republic today!

Game Info

For starters, yes, there is a yet meeple. Game wise though you can check out the BGG Entry for more info.

Not every game is designed to be super serious in its execution, and that's perfectly fine. This month's game is one such example of that. Avalanche at Yeti Mountain is a small chaotic game wherein each player is attempting to get down the mountain before the angry yeti show up and eats them Skifree style. Luckily, each of you happen to have some rockets attached to your skis to outrun said yeti - or at least your opponents. Unfortunately, using those rockets have a nasty habit of triggering the avalanche that's inevitably going to barrel down upon everyone with reckless abandon. Your goal is to be the first one across the finish line at the bottom. Or just be the last person not to die. It's light, simple, has excellent meeples, and clocks in at under a half hour.  

It may be the middle of summer here, but there's plenty of snow to go around up on Yeti Mountain. You know, if you're cool with that.

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