August Goals: How'd I do?
Thank you for another month of support. For your patience while waiting for goodies and new comics! Thank you to new patrons, and to everyone who's given encouragement.

Klio's goals for August were:

  • 12 more installments of CHAPTER V (MWF, but when possible posting on Patreon early) - Posted 12! Pencilled and partially inked 2 more. I'll get them online this week.
  • 4 Sunday colour comics: I have two planned out, so this should be doable. - Blah, I only posted 2. But I very much like those two.
  • 4 art tools reviews: these are fun and easy, so there might end up being a lot of these! - I somehow forgot to do these, except for some very very mini-reviews on Twitter.
  • 8 sketch cards, including patron cards - Even though I carried those cards around with me everywhere...
  • 6 sketches-of-the-day - 2. "Self," I say to myself, "I am not impressed." If we count the new art for the website of Mus and Damon, we could call it 4 sketches. I'll redo Damon at some point. He tends to come out looking more cartoonish. I'll work on striking the right balance.

Tomorrow we'll start the September tally!

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