August in Review
Hi all! Thought it might be worth writing a month-in-review post for all you wonderful folks!

I suspect you're all here to support my comic work, and since I haven't reached the publishing stage with any comics this month I thought I should update you on how comic work is going!

So, I have a few comic projects. I'm finished with drawing By Crom!, but right now the books are out of print. All the By Crom! fans I got to talk to at GenCon and FanExpo have reminded and convinced me that it's time to get those books back into print. I'm going to start crunching the numbers this month to see what it will take to do another print run of them, hopefully at a rate that will allow me to wholesale a few books to different stores. I'm not in a place to go through a distributor but I'm certainly willing to pack and ship boxes myself! That project is going to be mostly number crunching for the next few months but I'll keep you updated as I hit milestones!

Orin and the Dead Man's Sword has been on the back burner this summer as I work on Wolf Neighbours for Worlds Without Master, and script out the larger storyline for both stories. I've had the good luck to get to workshop Orin's story with a few talented and wise friends and honestly, the more I work on the script the itchier I am to get this story on paper! I'm hoping later this fall to get Adin's chapter inked and painted and up on Weald, which should be the first pebble of a larger fantasy comic landslide in the coming year.

Wolf Neighbours is coming along steadily! I'm getting into the roughs this week after thumbnailing in August and designing all the characters and settings that are new to the scene in this chapter. It's an honour to create it for Worlds Without Master and it's such a different kind of story than Orin, even though it's set in the same world. The two-character team dynamic has been a blast to script, and even when I hit staging challenges thanks to their height differences, I'm still excited about how they do things together (and against one another) in the comic. Additionally, this coming issue I get to introduce the other two key players in their story, and I can't wait to see how all four of them bounce off one another on paper! For those of you who don't know, Worlds Without Master (which, really, if you love sword and sorcery you should be subscribing to) has limited term exclusive and first publishing rights on Wolf Neighbours, but when those rights revert on all the episodes (in a year or two) I will be able to share the whole story in print, and I can't wait!

And you've probably seen me tweeting and blogging about a webcomic idea featuring angsty metalhead teen Lomi. I'm convinced it is interesting and can work, but wow am I ever wrestling with it, folks. I've spent most of August writing, doodling, scrapping things and writing some more. It's been exciting, frustrating, and at times I've felt really lost. So lost, right now I'm reading articles on how to write sitcoms. Are webcomics sitcoms? Maybe this one is! Anyways, after talking shop all weekend at FanExpo, though, I'm reminded of my own advice to just Start Drawing Comics, and that's the goal for September. I'll be drawing up a buffer first before launching, but patrons will get sneak peeks of Lomi's "real" life and her elaborate fantasy worlds as I get them down finally on paper. 

So that's all the big comic projects and where they're all at with me right now. I have a lot of short stories half-scripted or designed and floating around, including a followup to my short comic for the 1001 Knights anthology (coming soon!) and a fully outlined scifi script complete with designs just dying to get drawn before the year is up. So don't worry, comics are coming. And thank you all for your time, your attention and your support here and everywhere else online! I really appreciate it.

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