August News

Summer is cranking on and it’s nearly August! 

July was a bit of a mess for me — see That was Spinal Tap — but I’ve been trucking away!  If you’re not following me on Mastodon, it’s a good place to check out my day-to-day exploits (and may I suggest as an instance for you to join?) — and when I’m suffering Writer’s Block, where I often ask for prompts.  

We’ve been working on gutting our bathroom a piece at a time in preparation for remodeling it (new walls, ceiling, door, tub, and light fixture, having replaced the toilet & sink last year and planning on replacing the tile next year), putting in a dishwasher, getting a new kitchen sink, and gardening. So much gardening. (See What An Old House for gutting pictures!)

And now we come into August!  School will be starting up again soon, the weather is beautiful here in the Finger Lakes, and my garden is going nuts with the rain-sun-rain-sun. 

The chapbook hasn’t been forgotten! It’s a little late, but it’ll be going out early this month!  A map of Smokey Knoll for July (Aud, Sage, and the Smiths’ neighborhood) is about half-complete.  I’m working on a recipe for pancakes that we do as a weekend standard.  (Real Maple Syrup Mmmm…)

And the Theme Poll is up!  If you haven’t stopped in, drop in and vote.  No Dreamwidth account?  Vote in the comments here or there.  now it’s a three-way tie with a two-way tie for second place; be the tie-breaker!

We’re inching towards the next milestone — even more Serial story!  Nimbus and Cartwright need to find the Magical Watering Can.  Will they find it?  What troubles — and what fascinating animals — will the discover along the way?

Settle in, enjoy yourself.  Summer has barely begun and we have lots of summer reading left to go!