August patreon: Shadger
"Make sure, on your self-guided tour, that you stick to the path! No matter how interesting something may seem, just... don't get off the path. As they all say..." The man gestured to his small audience of people, wanting them to answer the saying.

"....Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." The crowd said in a monotonous unison.

"Good!" The man chimed in happily, staring at his audience. "S.T. travel agency will not be held responsible for any rule-breaking that occurs. Anyone who does so will pay the consequences solely on their own, as per the contract."

The crowd dispersed, leaving a badger standing there with a worried look on his face as teeth started to protrude from his mouth. "Take nothing but pictures...." He remarked as he looked behind him at a pile of wood placed behind him. "Leave... nothing but footprints?"

He grimaced, wishing the tour guide would have mentioned that earlier. Staring down at his feet, he saw they were morphing from the original badgeresque toes to a more webbed... rodent-like toes.

He looked at the piece of wood in his right hand, matching the wood from the stack behind him. He then looked back at the stack. "Maybe another one... just for fun?"