August Patreon review: more comics, more rewards!
Hi guys!

Thanks so much to you wonderful August Patrons :D We've reached the $2250 milestone, which means a total of 10 updates this month! This includes our normal 2x updates, and then a bonus update each for both MI and TM. MI will have its bonus this week, and TM probably next week since... things, haha. I'm also lying a little; MI will actually update an inadvisable 3x this week, because I can. So there. Lots of comics.

Last month was what I'd optimistically call a "test of character." Spent much of my free time doing a fast 1-person moveout of the apt I got kicked out of and dealing with computer problems. I also got to tutor some of you for the first time, which was a fantastic experience! That went really well tbh, we covered a lot of material and I think future sessions will be a lot smoother. I also got to do commissions from people who responded to my poking (see above). I've already sent out the commission forms to all of the people who ordered in August, so make sure to fill those out so I can do art for you :] I have a few people left to contact but that will be happening very soon.

Now that things are settled down I'm going to focus on getting more comics out, getting rewards out faster, and coming up with other good stuff that you guys would like to see. Feel free to suggest stuff, if you want! I've also managed to fix the computer I'm currently on so I can finally start livestreaming as well... expect the first of those to happen soon, probably Thursday (I will give a heads up of course).

OK that's a lot of writing. Thanks again for supporting my comics. A lot of exciting shit is finally happening in Sept after many months of building up the plot, so I'm really looking forward to sharing that with all of you!

Your pal,


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