August Patreon Prizes
Hey guys, as a lot of you have pointed out.. I havnt posted winners for August giveaways yet. This is completely my bad. These past two months have been incredibly hectic and unforgiving, both in terms of personal hardships and financial situations. These are not excuses however, I should be more diligent and prepared at the end of each month! I appreciate you all so much, so I must be honest with you guys. YouTube isn't the money maker I thought it was going to be, when I say Patreon pays to keep my lights on.. it isn't an exaggeration. Unfortunately, without a worthwhile sponsorship, having the extra money to pay for product and shipping has become difficult. No worries though! This is a plea for understanding, not an excuse for charity. August's winners will get there rewards, as will upcoming Septembers! Was just busy with life and distracted by other issues.