August plans and future stuff
So the poll about the PDFs was pretty much overwhelmingly "yes I like the PDFs but you can replace them with something" which was kind of looolconfusing, but I'm going to take that to mean that it might be good to switch back and forth between PDFs and something else. I don't know what that something else will BE, and as always I am open to suggestions. It would still always be something related to the chapter/story that I update that month (though I've mostly only been doing L&S related stuff recently). I can do more Q&A sessions (maybe with specific characters?) or...basically anything. Whatever people might be interested in. Family trees/history would be easy, but maybe boring - this is why I do need feedback from people and it's hard to do this kind of brainstorming/suggestion with a poll. I could just make a completely open poll where you put in your own anonymous suggestion, and maybe I will do that.

For August, going to have a Chiaroscuro chapter. Pretty Shade of Grey/A Revolution Kind is, as mentioned, on a permanent hiatus until I can basically find someone from South Africa who can help me write a better and more accurate character. Until then I'm sticking with my made up worlds. I know I have a bajillion stories only partway written and even less posted, and the best I can do is just try and get through them one by one! I have no publishing plans right now because my recent experience was so horrible that I just kind of want to cool it on that for a while, write something really good and try for a slightly more established publisher where I won't get treated like shit. I'm fairly sure that I'm going to be heading on the self-publishing route with L&S because no one will ever pick up this series, and I have to rewrite Tenebrism again anyway, so it'll be 395837986746 years before anything happens with this series. But you guys still get to read it, even if I'm slow as hell!

And once again I am offering a refund for July. Just send me a message or comment or something, and I'll refund your pledge. I'll do this any month that I'm unsatisfied with what I've put out and don't feel like I actually deserve the pledges.