August Print and Play downloads
Welcome to our new monthly Print and Play download section:

August Print and Play Downloads:

Emotions 1.0 - All ages mix and match game with a cute theme and lots of replayability. Commisioned art. Check it out!

Cat Academy 1.0 - All ages cat themed battle card game. Fight your friends to get the best kitty each round. Can you complete the quests?

I have also attached the previously released Mini games to make them easier to find.

Game Jam:

Available Now: Graveyard Jazz; Music theme -a social mini game where players decide the best music to fit a place from whats available in their hand. (Game jam winner)

Available on TTS: Cardinal's Indulgences; fun social game about trying to get forgiveness for your terrible, terrible sins. Over 100 cards for replayability. 

Other resources; 

Published/Ebooks: Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game:

TableTopSim links:

Village Life Beta 0.5 + Expansion:

Graveyard Jazz:

Cat Academy Battle (Old version):

Cardinal's Induldences: