August Rewards Update
Thank you guys SO MUCH for your support in August! As many of you may already know, now that 'Hunter vs the Tow Truck' has ended those who pledged in August have been send a message with a link to download their own copy. Patreon's been going through some maintenance updates lately, so some private messages didn't go through. For those that couldn't get a message sent through Patreon, you should've gotten an email with the link.

If you did not get a message or email with a link to download your own short story comic, PLEASE let me know! Making sure you get the rewards you pledged for is WAY more important to me than sustaining an illusion that I'm perfect.

Printed versions are going to be made this week, and shipped this weekend. Afterwards, I'll be making the new Wall portraits to go up this month.

Again, thank you all for your support. Now that the final months of the year are coming around, I'm looking back and once again amazed at all the projects and opportunities you helped make possible. FE really does have the most amazing, supportive readers - looking forward to making a lot more comics for you guys in the future!
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