August Sneak Peek - NPC Dialogue, Game Overview, and more!

Hello, everyone! Summer’s just starting to pass us by and we’ve got some new details to share on what we’ve been up to since our last post.

Our cover image above shows off the new dialogue system we’ve been working on! It’ll help give Shifted a little more visual flair and personality as you play, giving the whole experience a much more interactive feeling than just trudging through blocks of narrative text.

The dialogue system is reminiscent of an instant messaging format, where replies will pop up with responsive choices. These can be more dialogue, an action (distinguished by a swanky darker box background), or a mix of both!

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve this further, please feel free to let us know!

Game Overview:

We’ve also been wanting to share a comprehensive overview of Shifted so that players know what to expect from the project and our goals.

Shifted is an adventure game where you’ll be able to dive in and explore a diverse, original world with plenty of quests and locations. Along with roaming exploration and sidequests, there’ll be a primary story questline which will lead you to new areas, progressively unlock certain account features, and let you reap rewards for your endeavors.

Along your journey you’ll discover new friends and companions, have the chance to complete daily minigames and quests for more rewards, participate in seasonal festivals (we’ll be talking more about this in the future!), and more. And, of course, there are secrets waiting to be found in the world by those with a sharp eye and keen intuition.

We don’t want Shifted to feel like its focus is just on the single-player experience, so you’ll also be able to see other nearby players, letting you take a peek at their characters as they venture through the world. We’re also considering the possibility of adding a regional chat system to Shifted which would allow you to chat directly with other players. This would let everyone swap some helpful hints, coordinate item trades, or just hang out and have a little friendly banter. This wouldn’t replace the forums, of course, as there are benefits to both systems and some players might prefer to spend their time in one over the other.

Contributors and Discord:

We’re always on the lookout for people who want to help us build Shifted or who want to chat with us and hang out! You’re welcome to join us on our Discord server. It’s as easy as clicking this link:

Please note: Shifted is a volunteer-driven project, and we can’t offer any payment for contributions at this time. Ideally, we’d love to gain enough support to be able to pay our contributors, but for now we’re just looking for people interested in helping us develop an awesome web game.

If you want to brush up on your skills or tinker with Shifted in your spare time, we’d be happy to have you on board to help us grow! Please join our public Discord server and let either Bat or Kihari know and we can see if you’d be a good fit for our team.

We are looking for anyone for these roles:

• Front-end developers: We’re not that great at UI and making things look pretty. If you’ve got some knowledge on modern HTML/CSS/Javascript, we’d love to know!

• Back-end developers: We can always use more! Currently, we’re using Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy, but requirements may change in the future.

• Artists: We’re looking at creating our avatar components and items with vector images (SVG format). Concept art is also very welcomed, so if you have any neat ideas you’d love to pitch, we’d be all ears. All sorts of ears.

• Writers: We’re currently developing Shifted’s backstory and working on its worldbuilding. If you’re interested in helping us build the game lore, develop characters, add in flavour text or help write some fun quests (whether in the main questline or as entertaining sidequests), we’d love to hear from you!

Staff vs Contributor roles:

Just to be clear, nobody working on Shifted is currently paid anything at all. Bat is personally paying for all operational costs out-of-pocket at the time of this post.

Staff are our core team. They’re working on Shifted and are responsible for their areas of expertise. They’re held to our own personal standards and obligations to lead the project and shape its growth. This includes regular staff meetings to discuss the project direction, see what’s being worked on, and organize our goals and strategies on at least a month-to-month basis.

Contributors are also considered part of our team, but aren’t obligated to hit any particular deadlines or participate actively. We won’t demand work from you and we appreciate any time or resources you’re able to share with us!

Contributors may be bumped up to staff in the future depending on the support or funding we receive as the project grows. The decision will be based on the individual’s history and contributions to the project.

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