August Teaser - Autumnal Forest Board
Dear Patrons,

this teaser shows you what  terrain tutorials I am working on at the moment:

First we have a modular forest board. The idea is to make three more of those to have a suitable skirmish sized board that can be used for RPG encounters and small-scale wargames. How to make such a board from start to finished will be covered in the guide and goes hand-in-hand with the basing tutorial.

The black dots you can see are steel tacks embedded in the XPS. Those are attachment points for details equipped with magnets: Trees, henges, an altar, fallen logs, gravestones etc. This way we can achieve a maximum of flexibility and variability and only have to commit to the general outline of the base module.

I am working on birch and fir trees, different kinds of henges, altars both small and large, gravestones and finally a hollow tree log. All of these will be covered in several tutorials and make up an integral part of the terrain building section of the guide.

Happy gaming everyone and thank you for your support!