Whats crackin hunks, ladyhunks, and midhunks.

Gettin my hands off my dick and onto my keyboard to get you an update (and goo up my keyboard. I should have washed my hands first)

July was a shit month. Personal shit followed by apparently eating shit because I ended up sick as fuck with salmonella for a couple weeks. Managed to pick at some work but didn't get a whole lot done. Unfortunately being an actual human is lame as shit sometimes but fear not! I'm now I'm back on my regularly scheduled spiral towards soulless roboticism.

You probably won't see me streaming a lot in the next couple weeks. Trying to catch up and get things moving to make up for lost time from July. Once I get the gears turning again I'll start popping back up in public spaces.

What are you working on dickhole?

I'm glad you asked, incredibly impatient and rude hypothetical person!

Spoilers Ahead

This is the main focus right now. I'm working on two of them and once I've made significant progress, will be starting on a third (which, hint, is a videogame. And there will be a special stream event while I'm playing through it.)

Spoilers Aheads take a while, so it might be a couple months before you actually SEE these, but there won't be huge one year gaps anymore like between Man of Steel and Lucy. Getting this series more regular is my main goal right now.


I wanted to finish one of these by the end of July but evidently I didn't. That should be coming in the next few days though.

Near Future Stuff

-There's a (non "The" related) source filmmaker animation in the chamber for sometime later this month.

-I'm also STILL working on a short cartoon. It's the same one I keep talking about in previous updates but it keeps being put on the backburner for various reasons. It will be done soon (or soon ish)

-I'm trying to develop a regular scripted live action thing right now. Still in its fetal stages so I don't want to say too much.

-Been picking at some music projects that I'm excited to share with you guys in a month or two

What Happened to That Podcast Thing?

Short answer, may or may not happen. Long answer is a bit of a story. If you want to skip this part, just scroll down til you see bold text again, you're not gonna miss much. Just a really long winded explanation.

So a while ago I was promised a decent amount of money for something. Promised. Guaranteed.  Which in the world of entertainment means "99% chance of nothing fucking happening." Now I knew this was the case. If you look back at my past updates you'll see I say things like "there are possibly some big things happening, but I don't want to say or promise anything yet" or "these next couple of months will determine the direction my channel will go."

What I was alluding to was this deal.  Now keep in mind, I'm still being told this deal is going to happen, and it still might, but again, 99% of things I've had fall through ended with "Great! This is definitely happening! We'll get you a contract by next week! I swear on my child's life! Nothing is more definite than this!"(so many children lost...)

Basically if this deal would have gone through, I would have used the money to start working out of an office, where I would have built sets to produce 2 easy to shoot and edit regular shows. One of which would have been the podcast.

But again, I know better. I was expecting this to fall apart from the beginning. I was planning to start the podcast whether or not it happened which is why I still talked about it. But thinking about it more and more it just seemed like a bad idea.

Part of the budget I would have gotten from the deal would have also gone towards paying someone to edit the podcast for me, so I could keep working on other stuff. But if that's on me, chances are it would take up way too much of my time that I'd rather spend working on other stuff.

Also, I spend a LOT of time on stream. I'm an entertainer, not a personality. Between the two there would just be WAY too much "me talking" content on the internet, and if my full time job turns into "editing a fucking podcast" I think I would run out of shit to talk about pretty fast between the two and one would probably have to go. My stream has kind of a "podcasty" vibe to it anyways, so I feel like doing 10 times the work for ultimately just a more "professional" presentation of the same conversations wouldn't be worth it at this point.

With the same amount of work I could probably produce a simple premise live action show of some sort, which would ultimately be a lot more fun to make and watch. That's my logic behind it at this point. OK THIS THINGS OVER IF YOU'RE SCROLLING DOWN FROM THE TL;DR


Getting my channel off the ground is still very much a work in progress but I'm definitely making my way towards it and I appreciate all the support along the way. Right now, I might have to "play the game" a bit harder. Be a little safer. But the ultimate goal is to produce good content all the time, rather than throwing everything I have at one project that turns out good but takes up months of my time and all of my money. I'm not there yet. But I'm getting closer.

And if that doesn't work out I could always just publish these fucking updates as a novel. I write way to goddamn much. Go back to your life now OK SHIT.