August Updates: Writing, ME and Financial troubles.
Good morning everybody. I hope you are all doing well. Here are several updates: 

1) Writing Book 2 has hit a wall again. I'll likely need to rewrite the entire second half of the novel. Not a problem, I'd rather write a good book then bad. Already the benefit of rewriting has been excellent. I'll get there eventually. 

2) The Thousand Scars is in its final edits. Still a way to go (delays have set back a release date!) but hopefully I'll be able to bring you updates as it goes. This project is my first, and I am so proud of it. 

3) Financially things have got been great. Due to health problems I gave up one of my main freelance jobs to focus on my health and writing. I do not regret it, but income has virtually stopped. I make my money through commissions and Patreon, the latter of which has stagnated lately. However, I understand completely when people cannot contribute monthly, and I am so appreciative of whatever support I do get. 

It is something I hate asking, but it is a struggle.  If you cannot pledge through Patreon, please consider a small donation to my Paypal through this link: Donations can help me with day to day things too.  

As to my Patreon itself, I am planning more content. Stay tuned.