August Updates!
Hey Everyone! Just a few updates as we start out the month of August!  For the $5 and up supporters, our full featured video Interview for this month is with Dan Bakkedahl! 

Dan Bakkedahl is one of the stars of CBS's "Life In Pieces," and you also know him from VEEP. He is an alumni of the Second City and iO Chicago. Jimmy caught up with him while he was back in Chicago recently to talk to about why he's happy with the state of improv on TV and film, getting a compliment from Del Close, and why choosing not to play certain stereotypical characters makes him a better improviser.

Look for the video the first Friday of the month, so this Friday, August 3rd! 
For the $10 and up supporters, Jimmy's back with some new lessons, and has an interesting approach to teaching them. Look for that on the second Monday of this month! (8/13)  

Thanks again for your support and don't forget to check your patreon messages so you can receive your perks! We'd also love to hear from you- what can we do to make this patreon experience better? Should Jimmy be sharing more things from himself? What would you like to see? More in depth Improv discussions?  Feedback really helps with Jimmy’s low self esteem.
 Email us any suggestions, comments, or thoughts at [email protected]!  
Until next time, -Improv Nerd Team

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