August Updates
Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven't been too social on here lately. Still getting things underway for Comic Con, but also attempting to put in more hours at my day job since the store will be closed all September. It's a much needed vacation from it's drama and stress, but I still need to make sure bills are paid. 

In case you didn't know, I have been working on printing a book for Peachy Plush of "most" of the comics I've done from 2011 til now. All of you will be featured in the book as a shout out of thanks for your support these past months and I'll upload the final book as a PDF at the beginning of September.

Throughout today and next week I'll be uploading the next Peachy Plush Comic, the next draft for next month, the comic exclusively for the book, and also finished and sketches of upcoming prints.

GAH!! So much to get to get done, But I know I can get it done. Just need to get back on track! Ganbatte!!

Once again, Thanks for the Support, guise! It truly helps <3