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August Week 4 at Daron's Guitar Chronicles
Thanks to donations via the tip jar on the DGC site, there were THREE chapters posted this week: 


8/25 TRUE


Also, how cool was it I got to meet TWO of you last week for the first time in person? While I was in NYC for Flamecon (LGBT comic con, so much fun). Words and the Internet are my media but it's nice to make a flesh and blood connection sometimes. :-) 

By the way, I'll be in Japan Sept 18 through October 4. I expect DGC to keep up posting as usual but Daron and I may be slower to comment or answer than usual. I managed to get tickets to see Queen + Adam Lambert at Budokan! (That is, if the tickets are real and not clever fakes, but I think they're real.) I'll be visiting a couple of places that Daron went when he was there with Nomad. I'll also be visiting some places he didn't go, like an overnight stay in a buddhist temple on Mount Koya and a beach yurt stay on Naoshima Art Island. Yes, a yurt. 

More to come!