August's New Episode
Hey folks. July has been really rough for me personally. I won't get into details, but there's been one tragedy or hardship after another and it's left me pretty worn out. Nonetheless, the Patreon has kept marching forward. We've lost a few patrons after the first month, but we've gained even more.  

It seems like a push, but I'd love to hit the $800 goal by the end of the month so you can have a new episode in September instead of having to wait until October. Please consider reaching out to a friend who you think might be interested. Part of the hope  of having sliding scale memberships is that instead of having one friend get a membership and show it off to all their friends, each of those friends could get their own membership. I'm going to be doing some additional outreach this month, but I could sure use your help.

Anyway, be sure to check out this month's episode. It was one of the first shot for the series, but got bumped out of the lineup until now: