The Aunt Family House & Victorian Awesomeness
In the Aunt Family setting, there is one house that comes up over and over again.

While, as the story posted Thursday demonstrates, there are other branches of the Aunt Family, a large part of the story takes place in one particular branch, and in their neighborhood - and that Aunt house. 

There is no floor plan to the Aunt House and there may never be.  But it has a feel to it.  

Something like this (source).

And kinda like this. (source)  It’s a bit out of place in the neighborhood, where many of the other houses are farmhouses or later-built ranches, but it also seems, paired with its own set of barns, to fit in.  Perched on a corner intersection, it seems to hold court for the neighboring houses. 

Also, while I was looking, I found this - - a steampunk house on wheels.

And I also found these: 


which, yes, are Minecraft Victorian houses. 


And this, which is actually decently close 

A miniature Victorian house kit.