Auriga Embergrove

Live stream was a success! I finished my dwarf cleric girl Auriga and had a little fun with greys after c: THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME TO SAY HI! It meant so much to me to have you there! ;0; 

Auriga Embergrove is my dwarf cleric who lives in the volcanoes of Volgrov. Last year when we were looking to play D&D, she started out as a stonemason wizard gnome, but she wasn't quite as developed as I'd hoped. Thankfully I had never played with her then, cause when we finally met our DM Ryan, I really buckled down and tried to figure out who and what I wanted her to be because I knew this was going to be very long term.

Ryan then proceeded to ask us for character back stories and flaws and qualities of our characters so he could test us throughout our campaign. So, here's her story: 

Auriga grew up within the volcanos of Volgrov. The dwarves there live in the upper reaches of the mountains, away from the coursing hot lava below, as that is where they work and sail. The main export these dwarves have is harvesting ore and sculpting obsidian into various objects, and then they make treks to various towns and cities close to the volcano belt. The volcano dwarves are expert smithies and masons, and so Auriga has become very skilled in both these things. These dwarves settled things on their own (sometimes with their fists) and didn’t have much need for weapons themselves unless it be for hunting outside the volcanoes.

Auriga became proficient in staves from using metal ones for pole-vauting and traversing across small, various lava banks. As for combat herself, she has had little personal experience outside hunting.
Dwarves would use axes, staves, and maces to hunt their prey, as most volcano fauna had hard shells and soft insides. When dwarves harvest, they hop into reinforced metal ships and sail down the lava canals in search of their treasures. The deeper they go, the less gooey magma they encounter. There haven’t been many eruptions in Volgrov, and many are active, but the dwarves thank their various deities for protection.

Many dwarves homes are decorated with gems and obsidian inlays. These designs typically reflect what deity the family or province worships most. In Auriga’s community’s case, they worship Gond - less of a creator of the world, more of a creator of things - a guide as they pursue knowledge and perfection in their craft. While many dwarves pray to and provide offerings for Gond, there are some that merely see him as a help or catalyst and someone to thank when crafting goes right. Auriga, too, follows Gond.

Auriga grew up as an only child, as her parents were older when she was conceived. Luckily she found companionship in the children who lived in the caverns around her and they would often go on little adventures, Auriga being the oldest and playing protector, she would often bandage them up if the kids got a little careless. Living in such a hostile environment, she learned to carefully tread and how to survive the heat when she would work with her parents in the chasms below. Many children would leave the volcanoes as they got older, so after a few years, Auriga was the only youth left, compelled to stay and help her aging parents.

Being prone to accidents within the volcano, Auriga often helped with assisting and sometimes rescuing dwarves who had been marooned in the magma or hurt otherwise. This, plus the encouragement of her parents, drove her to help those in need. While Auriga seemed comfortable with her life, there was always wanderlust brewing within her. Being encouraged by the teachings of Gond to search for knowledge, Auriga often read books about mythology, geography, different races, history, and languages. Gond assisted her in this, and she is fluent in many languages and a few spells. While she felt obligated to stay and be a smith and a mason, she often wondered what the outside world was really like - was it similar to the horrors and miracles described in her books?

Living in seclusion, these mountain dwarves aren’t keen on strangers, and they were rarely seen visiting the volcanoes and often felt some conflicting between wanting to assist them, and not wanting them around, due to the teachings of her parents combating with those of her culture.
The only exposure to other races Auriga had was joining her parents on their excursions to sell their wares for their house and for their community. Auriga seldom took part in negotiations, or really any communication during these times. Each time, she’d look back and wonder what life would be like outside her volcano. It didn’t seem so scary, she’d think. But her draw to helping her parents would always convince her to stay home, unlike the other youth who seemed to abandon their home, never to return, their parents mourning their absence.

However, the time had come for Auriga to go on an excursion all by herself. She had developed trust from her parents over their many years together, and she knew well enough how to sell obsidian to their buyers. Her parents would stay and sculpt for the next batch, and having Auriga leave and come back without them, they would have more to sell more quickly.

Auriga was thrilled, albeit nervous. She couldn’t wait to go out on her journey, and then return with honor for a successful first mission by herself. She packed her bags of fragile, highly valuable obsidian sculptures. She was to meet with a noble in a larger province - four day’s journey from her home(and perhaps an additional one from Neverwinter). She could barely sleep the night before, and perhaps half-way prepped her spells as she dozed off.

When Auriga awoke that dawn, she noticed a sealed letter tucked into her belongings. She perhaps thought her parents left her a letter, but was curious as to why it would be sealed. Baffled upon opening the letter, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of the message inside. It certainly was not from her parents, or perhaps from anyone she knew.

“Gundruin Rockseeker…”

Auriga had never met such a person, and couldn’t pin a face to the name, and what’s more she hadn't stepped foot in Neverwinter before. Her curiosity ate at her until she decided after she made her sale… perhaps an extra day to Neverwinter to meet this person - especially if they were a person in need - would be beneficial. It would satiate her curiosity and thirst for knowledge which in turn would be honoring Gond, and she’d be honoring her elders by helping another. Though, telling her parents about this encounter would have to remain silent until she completed a few more trips to the outside world. She wouldn’t want them to worry!

Auriga carries a quarterstaff, her holy symbol she carries are the obsidian beads in her beard-braids. She helps Dorian Grunkle learn to read. Closest with Laci Wee-Sapling. Butts heads with Rek'ket. Looks up to Artanara and loves her fire-hair.

Things Auriga will learn:
• Independence (sever the umbilical cord)
• Love and understanding of another’s plight (building bond with Gond/true cleric)
• The horrors of the world (acceptance for necessary violence/realism)
• You can give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but can’t always trust
everyone (build that insight)
• People other than her family need help (true cleric)
• She can’t please everyone (true cleric/realism)
• Pick her battles better (true cleric/realism)
• You gotta stop bad guys, sometimes by ending their life, if it means saving many other lives (realism/true cleric)
• Lifting one’s spirits is sometimes the only thing you can do (acceptance/can't fix all problems)
• How to have a thick skin (be brave, gurl/realism/true cleric)
• How to rely on herself (true cleric)

Auriga’s traits (starting): Curious, observant, patient, dutiful, crafty, careful, particular, caring, optimistic
Auriga’s traits (ending): Wise, insightful, courageous, funny sometimes, uplifting, not needing validation, has inner strength, self-reliant, faithful, perceptive, loving, realistic

Ideals (starting): Making others happy, Learn everything about anything, Fairness, Pacifism  +
Ideals (ending): Open-mindedness, Faith, Willingness, Hope

Bonds (starting): Family, Friends, Neighbors, hot climates +
Bonds (ending): People in need, Gond, sunny beaches, animals

Flaws (starting): Sheltered, wary of non-dwarves, ambivalent, too comfortable in routine, not spontaneous enough, tries too hard to please everyone, timid, unsure, doubtful, hopeless, sensitive, wanting to go back home to console parents, over-worried

tldr; she's just a better version of myself that gets to go on adventures and grow significantly faster.