Austin: Bike to Work Day 2017
Here's a short little montage of images from Austin's Bike to Work Day a couple weeks ago. We lucked out this year... no rain! 

Thank you so much for your support of the Active Towns Initiative. 

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It may be cliche to say, but you know... it's true; every little bit helps and in this case it's even tax deductible as this effort is part of a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Lucky you and grateful us. Thank you!
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Yep, for the price of a decent 'cup of joe' each month you've helped make a profound impact on our ability to document and celebrate some inspirational successes across the country. And once again it's tax deductible. Well done. Thank you so very much!
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For the reasonable rate of a modestly priced micro-brew you've contributed mightly to our cause and creative endeavors. We salute you and your generosity.  And yes it's still quite tax deductible. We raise a frosty mug to yours and say Thank You!
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We love it! Just keeping it simple. And in keeping with our beverage theme, for the average cost of a nice glass of wine you've just helped us get over that next rolling hill to explore another community.  By now you surely must know the drill, as it's still tax deductible. Thanks!
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Well, we're nearly speechless here. For the price of a nice bottle of wine each month, you've helped us offset a decent chunk from our annual production costs.  We applaud your generosity and budgeting skills. Yup, tax deductible, still. Mahalo!
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Clearly there must be some mistake. This just happens to be the monthly subscription cost for our editing software. Therefore, we hereby annoint you a software tycoon and bow in deep gratitude. Not that it matters to you, but it's tax deductible. Thanks!
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As we begin our initial documentation of our ten target cities, your tax deductible contributions will definitely take big bite out of our travel expenses. Thanks so very much!
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