Austin, Smart Gum, Pop Monsters and Codex Electric Lime
After traveling all over, from Beijing to Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Moscow to New York to Knoxville to Memphis, I am finally back in my old stomping grounds in Austin, TX. It's the California of Texas! I'm really excited to be back in Austin and working with incredibly talented local artists Amy Chang and Megan Rouch. I'll be working with Amy over the next few weeks to produce more content for Pop Monsters, a game we've created together which is going to be so much fun when you all get to play it.

As you may know, I've released a book of ideas, "Ramblings of a Mad Scientist", which were taken from notes I've written. This book specifically is from my first 500 entries, and today, I penned and submitted entry #4600. Each 100 ideas I produce is a color, so this is the 46th color, Codex Electric Lime. This batch of 600 ideas are organized into six colors from Crayola's line of more exotic names. I've now completed Codex Jazzberry Jam, Codex Atomic Tangerine, Codex Laser Lemon and now Codex Electric Lime. I've now started on my current blue color, Metallic Seaweed. Wish me luck on completing this, Codex Cyber Grape, and two more colors, as that will take me to a grand total of 5,000 entries produced!

On more practical terms, I have devised another recipe for smart gum that should be quicker to produce and have much stronger effects from more concentration of vitamins B6 and B12, as well as gingko biloba and panax ginseng. Stay tuned for an update, including the recipe of the one I find most potent and tasty.

As always, I love the interest these ideas and projects get, so feel free to leave a comment publicly or message me on Facebook. I also try to respond to emails as fast as possible, and you can hit me up at [email protected].

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