Australia Saves $1 Billion per Year with Solar
 Australia is no stranger to the sun, in fact they are regular acquaintances, so it would definitely be a deal breaker for Australia to switch to solar power seeing as it has a pretty sunny climate all year round. It has been recorded that the citizens of Australia now save a whopping $1 billion each year, as more than a massive 23.2 million solar PV panels have been installed on rooftops of the civilians-that is as much as every person living in Australia.  This alternative energy has been around for as long as human life has existed, and Australia is making sure they are using it to the best of their ability, and reaping the rewards in full. 

A few persons didn’t just come together and just buy all those panels, a little at a time people continuously came and invested in the solar panels and the more they decided to embrace solar energy use, so did the others around them, and then so it became a community effort.   Unlike some countries who are trying to strive to use cleaner energy or switch to renewable energy and have barely scratched the surface, or haven’t started at all with continuous promises to start soon, etc. Australia decided to take the plunge to actually start using solar power, and have never looked back since, and by the amount of money they are saving, it has obviously worked out for the better.  Now Australia can boast that they have the highest level of rooftop solar in the world, because five million people have solar panels on their roof. 

The solar movement didn’t start just from the rich or the powerful, ordinary people like you and me, within the working class or higher decided to use their hard earned money to invest in to this booming business, and decided to make the switch to a more ready-available cheaper alternative that doesn’t harm the earth, and put our existence at risk.  Countries and regions that depend heavily on non-renewable energy need to take a page out of Australia’s book and realize that empty promises and waiting isn’t going to get you anywhere. As long as more people continue to invest and switch to rooftop solar, the more likely the future of Australia, and any country for that matter, to be completely solar dependent, and the more money they’ll save and the cleaner the earth will be.