The Autcraft whitelist has passed 9,000 names
Today is that day... the day that the whitelist has surpassed 9000 names.

If you don't know about Dragon Ball Z, you're probably wondering why this is significant and why I'm not waiting until it hits 10,000 for a post like this.

Well, my Minecraft skin is of Goku from Dragon Ball Z and those who know the show know that the most well known meme to ever come from the show is that of Vegeta screaming "It's over 9,000!"
- See animated gif attached

So players have been waiting for this day for a very long time... to be able to finally shout "It's over 9,000!!" as the whitelist passes the number.

What a summer

In May, PC Gamer wrote their article about Autcraft which set off a whole summer of news and interviews all around the world. At the time, the whitelist was still shy of 8,000 names. By the time The Mighty did their article, the whitelist was already at 8,200 names.

Now, heading into autumn, the list has officially passed 9,000 names. It's at 9,007 to be exact but that changes every day.

Whitelist then and now

In the beginning of the server, back in 2013, players couldn't change their username. I was going through hundreds of applications each day, approving some, rejecting others. It still took me all day because we were growing fast but I was able to add a lot of people in very little time.

Today, it takes me longer to do less.

Players have been capable of changing their usernames every 30 days for two and a half years now. That means that players can have had up to 30 different usernames. It's my job to check each and every one of them before approving them. Now I'm lucky if I make it through 40-50 applications in a day. Generally about 20 names get added in a day, at most.

Thank you - Again

I know I say it a lot but I can't help it... without you and your support here on Patreon, Autcraft wouldn't be here. I'm not saying less activity, or slower growth or less of my time... Autcraft straight up, would not be here.

It's thanks to you that children have this place and that it can continue to grow. 

This is a huge milestone for many of our players who love the show and love the server and have been wanting to say this one silly thing for years now... and thanks to you and your support, that day has come.

Today is the day, that it's over 9,000.

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