Author Confessions (Day 10 of 31)
What do you like best about YOUR writing?

I don't think I can answer this. I struggle over my writing.

Don't misunderstand: I enjoy writing. The actual process of it. From brainstorming to writing long sequences that end up being unusable, to finding just the right image or metaphor or description or moment of dialogue.

Some writers will tell you they enjoy having written, but hate having to write. Not so for me. Yes, it's work. Sometimes, it's the last thing I feel like doing at that moment. But when I'm in the midst of it, and the words are doing what needs to be done — that's the best.

Maybe what I like best is when I KNOW something is right. When I realize the connections my subconscious had already made between disparate pieces of the puzzle.

But to say there's a specific aspect of my work — something in the product —that I prefer? Can't do it. Not even sure what it means.