Author Confessions (Day 3 of 31)
How many works-in-progress do you have?

That's impossible to answer accurately, as I have several files for "Caliban" novels and related short stories under way on my home computer, as well as a timeline of Gideon Argo-related events, various projects, ideas, notes, etc. I'm constantly updating them with new ideas and notes.

I am actively working on one project: Book Three of The Caliban Cycle, to be titled "Sins of the Fathers." I'm about 12,000 words into the tale, which should hit 70-80,000 when complete.

I have two partially-completed novella projects that I set aside to focus on Argo and Caliban: A steampunk novel set in an alternate 1880s Wild West, and a dystopian detective novel set in a post-climate change flooded Panama City. I will return to them at some point.

I also have an unfinished sequel to my "Dragon Rising" novel that needs to be completed. And I have a time travel novel outlined that involves King Arthur and explains why Merlin "aged backward."

Like I said yesterday, I need more time.