Author Elliott DeLine speaks at "Writing Trans Characters Panel." OutWrite Book Fair 2014.
Tier Benefits
Snowleopard Level
$1 or more per month
This is a perfect tier for people who can't give much but want to support me. These donations mean a lot to me, and they add up :) You will have access to sporadic short creative writing posts and other updates.
"Atypical Animals" Stickers
$3 or more per month
A monthly envelope delivery of my original art on a medium sized glossy sticker: currently featuring funky neon animals and more. As well as a note from me :)
Access to Unpublished Writing
$5 or more per month
Once a month you will have digital access to some new poetry or personal reflections
'Atypical Animals' Greeting Cards
$7 or more per month
A monthly envelope delivery of my original art on 1 greeting card: currently featuring funky neon animals, illustrated in sharpie. For giving to friends or displaying as a print. As well as a note from me.
Monthly Live Readings + Q&A
$10 or more per month
The last Sunday of the month at 7 PM EST, I will read from new, unpublished work over livestream on Patreon. Afterwards, a Q&A and discussion with patrons. 1 hr total. I will appreciate feedback. 
Personal Consultant
$100 or more per month
This will be a private live computer face-to-face chat where you can give me feedback on what I've been writing and ask me questions pertaining to writing and self-publishing, as well as make suggestions. We will set up the times and details after you sign up. Thanks!
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