Author Notes: The Wave
I wrote "The Wave" a few years ago, when Coca-cola started their "share a Coke with" campaign. My coworker and I, idly talking in the way one does, speculated upon getting an ex's name, and all the memories that might bring back. 

I wrote the story about a grandmother, partly because of my close relationship with my grandmother, and partly because it seems like there aren't nearly enough grandmother stories. 

It's a story about regret, and joyful memories, and sad/scary ones, and about the ocean and big wave surfing, which is a thing I read about in Susan Casey's The Wave, a book I expected to be far more about rogue waves, but by the end, I didn't really mind.

It is of note that my fictional, near-future driverless cars (which I thought I needed a special name for in early drafts, like Driverless Automated Vehicle), have progressed to the level of safety we'd all prefer from a World of Tomorrow™ automated system.

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