Authority/Valor ~ Gene Key 21 ~ Embody Courage
Day 20 of DailyDance at a Patreon creator project for 2017 with embodied inquiry of the question: 

"How is pure LOVE blossoming now?"

Each day I spontaneously contemplate this question in the "raw" along with one of the 64 Gene Keys in consecutive order through videography, body movement and song, relating with the natural landscape, spoken word, story telling and other creative means.

Today I sense the unarguable Authority of the wind and the sun and the moon and the trees. There is a nobility in these strong natural presences that are neither dominating nor submissive, they are simply all powerful. I don't pretend to know yet how to accomplish this unity or to feel the kind of nobility that this sort of stance entails...There is much of me that can still feels cowardly in the face of oppression. During today's contemplation and dance I felt these potent elements of nature transmitting their teachings and message about how I might strengthen in Authority/Valor. 

At this time in our society we face many intense struggles of ideals like Climate Change, Immigration policies, Human and Civil Rights. These all trigger my emotions and tendency toward reactivity as they pull on my heart, soul and will. Many times I feel compelled to take a strong stand and share my voice about them....yet my trust is not yet fully forged and indefatigable as that of the wind, moon or sunset. 

This week marks the end of the water protector camps at Standing Rock among other intensely authoritative actions by our government toward indigenous people and citizens who feel a need to protect what they deem to be sacred resources and feel responsible for like tribal lands and treaty rights.  We see images of peaceful grandmothers being removed at gunpoint by militarized police, mothers and fathers being taken from their children. 

As that aspect of this "battle" has ended, so has one round of a recent stand we took that a strong local law would have our little town become a Sanctuary City. Both were "losses" of immediate goals while being gains of experience, courage, deepened communion with one another and commitment to sacred ideals. 

Any specific issue can turn into a polarized power struggles that can lead us to forget how the essence of true Authority and Valor lies in something far greater....

This following quote about the 21st Gene Key from the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd addresses so much I have been feeling recently about our socio-economic-political-cultural and ecological situation on earth and my place in it well as how/why developing this capacity for Courageous Trust in Higher Authority can feel both entirely compelling, overwhelming and terrifying all at once. And how it appears that humanity is on our way to embodiment of this type of Noble Life.....

"True Authority based on service inspires loyalty...Socially you surrender your position and mystically you surrender your karma. Valor is the absolute courage and love of seeing the divine reflection within the face of another, no matter how unpleasant that other may appear to be...."To act with Valor is to enter a higher world...Valor must be forged on the anvil of life. You have to realize that no matter how muddy the waters you find yourself in, your pure nature can never be soiled.....

You must lead by example. You have to know the absolute horrors of living within the most tightly controlled hierarchical situations. You have to understand the human need for control and the depths of your own fear of losing control. You have to be tested by the forces that will not relinquish control, and you have to continually be subjected to external controls. Once you see that no external form of control can rob you of your true nobility, this Siddhi of Valor will finally dawn deep inside your DNA."

"The essence of Valor is to be found in the symbol of the male pole surrendering to the female pole. The programming partner of the 21st Siddhi is the 48th Siddhi of Wisdom,....the Divine Feminine. Valor therefore represents the surrender of control (symbolized by man) to trust (symbolized by woman). This surrender results in the absolute annihilation of the male force by the female force, an ancient mythic enactment,....creating a reversal of roles and poles an thus the communion is fulfilled. Ironically, it is through this divine coupling that the male force is truly empowered through its opposite.....It is important to understand that this imagery is an internal truth rather than a literal representation of man and woman. The power of Valor could thus be summarized as the courage and love that must be found within the lower self to die into the unknown world of the higher Self." 

"Your hands and those of the universe are one." 

~ Kazuo Ohno Japanese Butoh Master 

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