An Author's Manifestation
With the launch of my Patreon Page follows first the hopes and then the expectations for success. To help temper these fickle emotional attendants I have created a manifestation for my writing. Regardless of what definition populates in your search engine, boiled away manifestation is the process of creating aspects of one's reality. I, science, believe more in the physical limitations of manifestation than its unbounded psychometric possibilities yet found the process soothing, cold balm to hot skin. Manifestation. This is my purpose, my statement, my belief that I am here to accept and thrive in the trail set before me.

  1. I AM available for the best possible expression of my writing.
  2. I AM prepared for all that comes on this path as a writer.
  3. I AM fully supported in my work by my friends and family and supporters who feel

    inspired by my desire to grow upward and explore this life to the fullest.

  4. I AM fully sourced with energy, health, creativity, and space.
  5. I AM saying yes to all the aligned opportunity to financially support my writing.
  6. My work as a writer is fun, exciting, and engaging.
  7. I AM enjoying my writing, am satisfied, and fulfilled by putting my time towards

    expressing myself through words.

  8. I AM satisfied by the amount of money I receive in support of my work as a writer.
  9. I AM satisfied with what I give – I have a bright, positive impact on the world.
  10. I AM satisfied with what I receive.
  11. I act and make decisions and communicate about my writing in the exact right way, at the exact right time and place, every time.
  12. I AM filled by my writing and am a clear, open channel for creativity, inspiration,

    ideas, connections, and transformative good.

  13. I AM so blessed to collaborate with the amazing members of my community, whose

    hearts are in tune with the vibrations of my soul.

  14. I AM seen and heard widely in my writing and goals because my work reflects the way I think, speak, and communicate with my heart.
  15. I AM patient and receptive with my writing.
  16. I AM safe to continue creating meaningful, impactful, and inspiring work in the


  17. I AM open to receiving the right help in my life and journey with writing.
  18. I AM expanding at precisely the right speed for me on my highest path.
  19. I AM ready to grow and learn and live my purpose fully and colorfully.
  20. I AM attuned to the fullest, brightest expression of my soul and live it every day.
  21. I love myself deeply and am loved by so many, and know in my heart and soul that I

    will always be loved for who I am, and not by what I accomplish.

  22. I inspire others to follow their dreams and live their fullest lives by following my

    dreams and living my fullest life.

  23. I AM fully supported by an incredible and loving partner.
  24. I AM fully supported and loved by an amazing family.
  25. I have a huge community of supporters who love me and want to see me succeed.
  26. I AM clear with my intentions and am guided easily and seamlessly by the truth of my muse.
  27. I have abundant energy and focus to do all I get to do as a writer.
  28. I AM fully open to learning whatever lessons are meant to learn on this path I’ve


  29. I AM received warmly and fully by family, friends, and supporters.
  30. I AM receiving consistent, positive, and affirming feedback from those I reach out to about my writing.
  31. I trust that my efforts with writing reaches all the right people at exactly the right


  32. I trust that my efforts with writing will realize my goal of becoming a full-time


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