So my mom is always hounding me, since I have such a unique  perspective on things. She says if did an autism comic it'd be big. So, I'm finally taking her advice. 

This is Jay. He is a representation of a younger me with all my current and past problems, some of my new perspective, and the little comedy I can pull out of it all. 

This particular one is about me when I spent a semester at art school, I took an intro on charcoal, and while everyone else had an easy time controlling it with just there hands, and I just couldn't handle it all. Both my hands would be entirely black by the end of each lesson, and sometimes parts of my face since I tucked my glassed or scratched. OH and when I say my hand I mean my whole hand, the back too. Other students would look at me like, 'its not that hard'. But I just wasn't physically able to control the charcoal. 

This will premiere on my new Art Only tumblr account Manic-Mars  in a few days.