Auto Recycling Recent Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges

During the past few decades, auto recycling has emerged as sustainable practice and a highly market-driven industry. With over 140 000 people spread out across 9000 locations just within the United States, the automobile recycling industry is currently worth over 32 billion dollars in annual sales. Today, 100% of the automobiles used in the country get fully recycled at the end of their lifetime, earning the reputation as the single most recycled product out of all. Similarly, the scrap car removal industry in Vancouver has also recently become highly trendy.

Trends in Junk Car Removal

When someone wants to get rid of their junk, unwanted, or barely running vehicles in Vancouver, the first destination is an automobile dealership or a scrap auto business. Following that, the real process of recycling begins. The scrap car buyers send the vehicles to a Vancouver auto wrecker facility, where the vehicle is prepped for recycling.

First of all, the reusable parts of the scrap car are removed. This includes doors, seats, hoods, wheels, and windows. Unless the harmful elements such as mercury switches are removed prior to shredding, it can cause environmental damages. Vancouver auto recyclers take well-thought measures in this regard. Finally, all the fluids contained in the car including lubricants, brake oils, and fuel, are drained.

The next step is the shredder. The entire hull is broken down into smaller parts of steel, other nonferrous metals, and fluff by ripping inside the shredder. Fluff includes plastics, rubber, and glass which are non-recyclable. Vancouver auto wreckers next use magnets to separate steel from the resulting ensemble. These steel bits are either sold to scrap brokers (secondary processors) or are straightaway sent to the mills to produce new steel.

Once you sell your old vehicle to a scrap car buyer, almost 86 percent of its materials are either reused, recycled, or is used for recovering energy. Steel and iron, which accounts for over 60 percent of the car’s materials are the most recycled. Parts of any brand new vehicle including shell, hood, doors, and quarter panels are often made out of recycled steel.


According to the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), both the importance of auto recycling and the demand for it is exponentially increasing in Vancouver. It has emerged as a massive industry along with the advances of steel as well as vehicle manufacturing. Owners now have a variety of options to get cash for cars. While eBay and Craigslist offer an easy platform to connect with buyers, you can always sell them directly to the scrap yards in your Vancouver neighbourhood. On the other hand, there is also a significant demand for end-of-life cars on online selling platforms and now from owners.


But along with a fast-growing industry, inherent problems arise with respect to quality and standards. The ARA encourages the scrap car removal industry to be equipped with the latest technologies to cope with these changes. The other challenges associated with the auto-recycling industry are education and training, insurance, and salvage. Despite the general notion, the recycling industry requires skilled and trained labour just like many other industries. Labor is a crucial factor in maintaining the overall efficiency of the facility.

Currently, only a few of the businesses out there offer worker’s comp insurance. Therefore insurance has become another significant challenge in the auto-recycling industry. Most junk cars are exported, while another significant fraction is bought off by unscrupulous buyers for unworthy prices. This has brought forward another major challenge; salvaging scrap for reasonable prices.

Pro Scrap Car Removal

In order to cope with the above challenge, there is a trend of formulating innovative models to acquire more scrap vehicles. These models are customer-centric and have incorporated sophisticated marketing and customer services. The objective is to make the process of selling away the clunkers more convenient for the owners.

Pro Scrap Car Removal operate at over 50 locations around Vancouver and has evolved into a brand that is known across British Columbia. They collaborate with a widespread network of salvage yards, buy scrap cars and carry out precessing and sell the recyclable materials for further production. At the same time, the reusable car parts are sent to auto repair facilities.

The process of selling off your unwanted car to Pro Scrap Car Removal is fairly simple. The website has an easy-to-fill form to get cash for cars. As soon as your form is submitted, the Pro Scrap Car Removal will contact you with an offer for your vehicle based on the condition and age. Upon accepting the offer, you will be sent a tow truck right to your doorstep that will transport the vehicle for free. You also can call the Pro Scrap Car Removal directly and obtain a quote for the purchase.

With the rate of expansion of the industry, quality customer service and business models contribute significantly towards efficient recycling and resource recovery.