Autobio Comics [09-15 Nov 2018]
Hey I'm starting a new thing!! <3

I've been meaning to start doing this for years!

I love reading other people's autobio/diary comics, and I always keep mental notes of things that happen that would be cool to make comics of. I tried to do this slowly, maybe making one per month, but apparently it only works if I give myself an impossible challenge or not at all. So I decided to make these every day (or 5/7 days every week, I don't want to die after all) and see how it goes. It's been 2 weeks and i'm keeping up fine! I love making these.

I'm keeping the art relaxed and sketchy because, again, I don't want to die. I want to be consistent and not pressure myself too much. I might go back and polish some of these for later use, but for now, I hope you find the roughness of the sketches weirdly charming.

I will be posting one per week on social media and the rest will be on Patreon for everyone on the $2 and above level to see every week.

Always cool to surprise yourself with the lack of panic in your life.

Aggressive men being loud about zodiac signs, that's a new one.

So I hope you enjoyed these and are as curious as me to see how this experiment goes and evolves with time! You can pledge $2* for ~21 comic pages a month (not too bad, is it?) and keep up with my adventures in trying to document interesting life moments without exposing my friends and family too much (unless they're ok with it!).

* it's only 1,76€, or £1.5 per month!